This is vaporesso vapes gen swag mod pm80 gtx zero pod luxe kit review

vaporesso gen kit adjusted and GTX GTX 80W mod tank 22 for all ranges of coils. Delve But let us review GEN NANO for more.

These products have been sent to Vapresso kind generosity standing at the side test. other thoughts you will find below are mine and are not affected by the fact that this talent.

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While Vaporesso GTX A MTL mainly vaping kit GEN NANO open more. In addition, the internal battery and tank mod GTX 80W 22mm, users now have access to better ohm coils. As delicious 0.2Ω coil GTX. But if the tank is only VAPING DTL 22mm? What match? And for more information on this review Vaporesso generation nano.

The contents of the box
Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to see included in the kit Vaporesso nano generation.

Vaporesso filled GEN NANO
1x Vaporesso generation nano Mod
1x Vaporesso NANO GEN 22 Bubble Tanks 3.5 ml (TPD 2 ml)
1x GTX mesh coil 0.2Ω
1x GTX mesh coil 0.6Ω
straight glass tube 1x
1x Bag O-ring section
1x Micro USB Type B
1x user manual

Vaporesso typical packaging style, the color of the packaging and image reflects the color options selected for vaporesso swag mod.

Although the test sample tank color containers 22 mm does not correspond to the color selection is closed. But in the final match the color. However, the image before rolling nano kit gene occupies most of the space. While the side showing the main elements of Vaporesso GEN NANO as icons. Also on the back are the specifications, content, logos warnings compliance with government auditor and authenticity.

Removing that Vaporesso GEN NANO mesh tank coil 0.2Ω and reveals cover pre-installed, seated in a plastic insert. Although not included in the review sample O-ring, glass replacement and substitution he is seated at the side mod and reservoirs. Also under the inlay it is a type B USB Microphone GTX Mesh coil 0.6Ω and manual.

manufacturing quality

Vaporesso certainly looking GEN NanoSmart and lighting kit. side panel grip dimples treated More rubber is excellent, while the color gradient in accordance with the rest of the plastic mod.

While Vaporesso GEN NANO with e-mod full tank weighs liquid will remain firmly in hand. But while I’m on the shelf to withstand everyday use. But because of the nature of the plastic, be careful not to drop the nano gene.

The important thing is the side mounted USB type B port on the side Micro load and control the easy level.


Naturally, as a model that is formed from a larger part of the dashboard it is nice and clean. Although the use of three buttons to operate the menu, in my opinion is not necessary and does not promote the end user experience. However, all keys and sensitive sound.


In addition, easy to read LCD screen with clear display. However, the design of the screen is slightly narrower and smaller readings can be difficult for people with vision problems eye.

510 connector

While holding tank happy vaporesso pm80 22 mm, 510 plates are not perfectly center.

Therefore, the overlap in the face of more than 23 mm. What is important is a good thread trimming and delicate, the center pin 510 provides a good level of rigidity. This gives confidence in the long-term use. In addition, the center pin seemed to cast about 2-3 mm, which is good to see.

GTX 22 Tank

Visual Vaporesso GTX completed 22 containers with the same tone of red mod. This is important because it is an example of the test, white gold logo turns Vaporesso cream to match the brand in the Department of Defense. Although it was a happy and more features to help the knurled adjustment and removal.

The important thing is to put the cup on top of the cover and the base wire without a problem. While the air flow control ring with a clean cut that the company slip air inlet, but it remains in position.

GEN NANO dimension Vaporesso with tanks equipped with 115mm above the support base to the top of the end of the dropwise mod. On the other hand, mod GEN NANO is 24.2mm wide and 40.3mm deep from front to back.

Nano Gen Vaporesso burning for five, click the original fire. In addition to pressing the shutter button quickly three times to nano block genes. prevent accidental changes to settings. To unlock repeat the process.

Of course, hold the button to open the menu additional menu settings. This allows users to change the way GEN NANO freezer. But to go and save the changes to the menu button is used instead of the shutter button.


As we have faster access to a different mode, now the menu. Once in the configuration menu, you have access to a variety of modes available spray Vaporesso gene. Furthermore, there is no limitation on the mode output power in watts.

Pulse mode – the default
Although designed to maximize the experience vape for pulse power output. Therefore, in theory, keep the temperature for the perfect vaporizer experience. But the effect on the vaporizer is barely noticeable.

Eco energy
It is designed to shoot automatically when the battery drops below 40%, and can withstand the force of the current. While this does not increase the battery life slightly, depending on the coil at a cost of tastes.

intelligent TC

Without a way to control the temperature probably as vaping World Marmite, you like it or not. However, when the coil of stainless steel, titanium or nickel is detected. The gtx mods can be configured to automatically switch to the temperature control mode.

DIY Fashion
DIY Spray way Vaporesso NANO GEN is the most common way.

VW – soft variable Watt, normal, high
VW strength so soon adjusted. For example, if you want a vaporizer to produce start faster and hotter and even the default power games, Navy selected the M mode is selected, the game in fixed power mode in 0.5 watt.

VV – voltage variable
As VW same method, while the watt is used to control the output. Conversely used as an output voltage of the power control method and is not fresh, normal or increased choice.

CCW – custom power curve
As well as in the selection of high-power mode is mild, normal or. However, with the use of time, the adjustment can be made watt adjustable. In addition, each curve is difficult rod watts and 0.5 watts for a particular user. Allows a more personal experience. For example, if you want you can have genes nano Vaporesso on and off at the bottom again. In addition, it can produce finer adjustment mod perfectly linear curve E-coil and a liquid flavor profile.

One way to protect the mod fashion mech. In addition, the coil receives the electrical output of the battery voltage.

The super player mode

Not to Vaper experienced. Furthermore, the Super player mode opens allowable range of the resistance coil. Besides 5Ω 0.15Ω resistance range it should be used by the CRT, or RDA tank mounted zero vape pod.

entire system
Throughout the system gen nano Vaporesso different menu options to offer such as screen brightness, the screen orientation and more. In addition, the choice of the system is the intelligent adjustment rather odd fashion watt variable.

VW intelligent – intelligent watt variables
There is no doubt VW intelligently seems to produce slightly warmer freezer, whatever the environment.

Battery use

While Vaporesso gen nano has 2000 mAh internal battery, battery economy is good and as expected with the inner coil. Of course, the battery life is shorter when a coil 0.2Ω GTX is used around 50W. However, with 0.2Ω coil, we can expect about 160-180 puffs between charges.

2A 5V certain load through a USB type B connector Micro. But I get Vaporesso GEN NANO for a fee to 5.12V 1.33A, which was disappointing.

However Vaporesso GEN NANO good feature is the approximate charging time. Then animated icons and battery level. On the other hand, if any charge termination GEN NANO quick spray when necessary. Then he continues to fill again after the shutter button.

fill in

Although the method of removing the filler cap on top and the whole deposit super easy in vaporesso luxe kit.

However, it can be a bit uncomfortable and would like to be the rear bayonet style or pressing the top cover. Especially in times of unscrewing the cap, the reservoir may start unscrewing. Therefore, the container must be limited as mod. This can cause the tank to screw tightly to the device, and it is difficult to remove. However, the benefits of removing the top cover is that each bottle size e-liquid can be used.


When designing the tank GTX Vaporesso 22 DTL is more suitable for vaping. Even if the flow of air can be closed to provide a much more difficult drainage, ideal for a variety of MTL coil. Apart from moving the position of the control ring smooth the air flow, the remains of a vape smooth without turbulence.
Although the use of conventional storage tanks GTX Vaporesso 22 remains as easy to change as a Vaporesso coil sheath system. In addition to changing the coil remains the method of “Plug N Play” to enter. However, it still can not change the coil with a large number of e-liquid is left. However, with the old reel, the new first coil put some e-liquid in the coil, and removing a lock down each hole. Now the new coil appear to cart and fill if necessary. In addition to leaving the coil support device for a while to ensure that adequate saturated. I prefer to let the whole 10-15 minutes, then the vaporizer.


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