This for vaporesso vapes gen swag mod pm80 gtx zero pod luxe kit review

vaporesso gen kit come in various colors:

– Black
– Midnight Blue
– White
– money
– Green
– Red and blue


– filling the tank capacity: 5 ml / 2 ml
– Output Watt: 5-100W
– Resistance Range: 0.03-5ohm
– Simple Battery: 21700/20700/18650
– Charging current: 2A

In the frame:

– Armor Pro Mod
– 18650 Adapter
– the baby tank CASCADE (2.5 ml)
– mesh coil (0.18O) already installed
– GT CCELL2 coil (0.3O)
– USB charging cable
– User’s guide

Cascade baby sub-ohm tank can be purchased separately in different colors:

– money
– blue
– Rainbow
– Gold
– Black
– O bright

vaporesso swag mod cascade sub-ohm baby is very similar to reservoirs cascade sub-ohms, but there are differences and different capacities.

I received a baby waterfall in black and looks good in my opinion. You can see some details on the plastic cap and can view the details of the same in the control ring airflow. In addition to air flow ring, you can see engraved “Vaporesso” and the bottom of the tank, you can see the record “Waterfall Baby” and “Designed and manufactured by Vaporesso”. Sub-ohm tank diameter is 24.5 mm, 58 mm high with a drop top, the capacity of 5 ml baby cascade, or can buy the release of 2 ml capacity TPD.

Baby Cascade equipped with advanced Delrin 510 drops 2, or a ring on it, dripping end is a very pleasant and acceptable for use. 510 can be used by other drops advanced here without any problems. dropwise high range is 10 mm, the tip diameter is 13 mm drops.
Just below the maximum fall in one piece of plastic, the parts are here to improve the system load up, locked, and because there is a possibility that the plastic pieces of the top cover openable randomly , which is very good. In the plastic, you can see the designs that will be easier to pick up the pieces and interesting. It can be unscrewed plastic but has a reverse thread. Opening the upper section, it can be seen below the metal piece and can see how the position here. Top stuffing here is very interesting and something different from the other tanks bits. For the filling, you need to take a piece of plastic and interesting and can be discarded, also on the upper deck, you can see where you have to push it open. Holes for liquid letter is fine, maybe you will have no problem to fill the tank.

waterfall tank with vaporesso pm80, this tank has a capacity of 5 ml it was very good. In the package, you receive a spare glasses if they break one.

To change or clean glass tank, open the lid and a fireplace, also we have invested thread here. One takes part in the tank ohms, you can see how the emails actual fluid passing through the coil. In this tank, it is liquid under glass under glass for the three slots in which E go down liquid and eat coil. As the manufacturer says, it would be more efficient ways of evacuation with little chance of success can produce dry. Now, you will no longer be able to see the rest of the tank can not be this way, people liquid mail, but you can always change the bottom of the tank and can see the rest of the liquid e.

Cascade baby has two coils in the package. pre-installed GT mesh coil, the coil resistance is 0.18ohm 50-85watts come with power and the recommended coil. CCELL coils accept as a replacement coil, coil resistance 0.3ohm, 35-50watts force recommended to the coil. In addition, you can buy several types of baby ohm coils cascading secondary tank:


– GT1 0.2ohm 50-70W
– GT2 0.4ohm 40-80w
– GT4 0.15ohm 30-70w
– GT6 0.2ohm 40-100W
– WP8 0.15ohm 50-110w
– GT CCELL 0.5ohm 20-32w



This tank is also compatible with an animal baby coil, which is a professional network.
To change the coil needs to unscrew the base, the base has a standard thread and bolt coil at the bottom. Put it here. As usual before refueling, it should be special coil with a few drops of messages rap to prevent and after a tank that can be filled and used immediately. Coils works well with liquid and use vg-pg 70-30 and leakage.


Based on the control ring airflow and can see some details about the ring that helps fit. ring airflow control 3 holes, you can see the airflow and here we have a cap, what is good, what does not fit on one side, there will be a partner on the other side.

How tank cascade working sub-ohm baby

First, what I want here over filling the tank, to fill the tank it is very easy and I like the fact that there is no chance you can open the possibility of charging, which just released parts plastic and boost the hand, when only fill the reintroduction of plastic parts and ready. About coils that have received the package, two coils work well. With the coil CCELL there is much less airflow, but the thread of a batch flow rolls air GT, so if you want a coil tight loop CCELL for you, but if you like a lot of airflow mesh want more coil.
steam production in very good secondary reservoir ohms to force recommended, of course, more steam coils networks, but also have more power to him. solid feel, I think it’s better with a spool of thread, but you can feel better with CCELL coil. In addition, no leakage here.
What can not like this is when you want to change the coil, for example, must have a metal part of the tank and unscrew the base, because if the glass is maintained or even a fireplace without a roof deck with the base to dump thread.
What you want here is very easy and safe without the possibility of filling can be unscrewed fine mesh spiral random system that gives the feeling of a very solid build quality was pretty good and handsome tank,

gtx mods

Pro Armor is in my opinion a very nice model, which is very subjective, but it seems incredible. Mod supports three types of batteries with adapter 18650, 20700 and 21700. The package will be 18650 battery adapter if you have a larger battery, you can use the mod works between 5-100w 18650, coil resistance that can you use is 0.03- 5ohm. mod weight 108G without battery size and mode is 38.5mm x 27mm x 86mm. You can buy the pro armor in 6 different colors, I look good in black and quality to date, no scratches on the model, the build quality is also very good.
Vaporesso armor Pro 4.0 has a board of Omni and was very fast, just 0.002s.

From the top you can see the mod stainless steel connection pleating, because here is very good and here you can see the male gold plated 510. You can see the interesting design of 510 connections and the thing is mod here will not be deleted the atomizer. You can use here all atomzier a diameter of 26 mm without false.
We have few details about the mod on both sides, you can see engraved “Armor PRO” and behind the mod you can see engraved “Vaporesso”. Also on the side mod you can see the USB port for charging and improves deivde, 2A fast charge carrier mod.
At the front of the mod, you can see the select button on the shutter button on the screen, buttons and more and less.
There was no Rales, very clicky button, it’s all here. What is interesting here is the shutter button, a large bar on the screen is the trigger, I think it’s very interesting and useful. trigger very clicky and very comfortable to use, you can press what you want, I really like the trigger. Fire Buton worked very well and missifres all. We had a nice color screen, with a lot of information here. The screen is very beautilful but the screen brightness is very low, especially when outside is because the dark bar at the top of the screen, which reduces the display brightness. When you’re inside the room, basically everything you see is very good, but when you are, could be a problem.

To activate the mod must click 5 times on the shutter button, the same you have to do when you want to disable.
When the Ministry of Defense re-watt mode, see:

– The battery indicator
– preheat mode and
– The power, which seems amazing here
– coil resistance
– against cerebrovascular accident
– Volt

zero vape pod

On the screen, you can view all the information you need, really.
To lock your device, you need to click 3 times on the shutter button, the same need to do to unlock the device. When the model is locked, you will not be able to use the plus and minus buttons, but still be able to use the shutter button and the vaporizer. When the device is locked when any button is pressed as a small screen, you will see how to unlock the device and how to turn it off. When the Department of Defense is on the screen, you can see a map and software version.
On tap again and the same fire button on the screen, you will see the clock, but after a few seconds does not use a mod that you will be able to see the clock on the screen. If you press the select button and the shutter button on the screen at the same time, you will see a version of the software, if the button is pressed simultaneously more and less show mod position to the left.
To adjust the power consumption of the plus and minus buttons and a gradual increase or decrease of 0.1 W of power, but if the button up or down as much as 1 mg maintained.
To enter the menu, you have to hold down the select button or press the Select button 3 times.

To move, you have to use more or less the button when you want to enter the submenu press the Select button to press the shutter button to exit the menu.
This mod also has no way of knowing VV as much as in SP mode, you can use the coil resistance of 0.03 ohms.
If a set of sub-menu is selected, you can change many things. First, you can set is the time you can choose between analog and digital clock, and can set the time and date. You can adjust the brightness of the screen, it was nice to have this option, but it may not be used here for display brightness in the dark even when set for maximum brightness bar. You can also reset the counter surfing and you can see the weather here and wheezing fight. You can change the subject, basically, you can change the color of the screen, you can choose between orange, green, blue, yellow and red. Then we have the smart choice, if this option is enabled, every time the foot of the new atomizer in a mod, mod will automatically adjust the power to the coil. The next option is the same as defined automatic preheating option. You can also set the time, you can set the clock when it disappears from the screen and can be adjusted between 60 min-3. Here you can see the version and the last option is the default.
Thus, in this model, we have a lot of options that I like, the menu is very good and basically can configure what you want here.

As I said, this mod is one of the vaporesso luxe kit out there, I really like how it looks, mod is very nice in my opinion. Another option you might here is pre been normal, when connected to a pre been normal when the shutter button will give you a little more power and a little fall, which means they will shoot very quickly pressed, but if you do not like, you can put gently preheating. The chip works well, the board omni 4.0 is very good, I use this mod without any problems, everything works as it should. This view is very nice with a lot of information, but I like using the shutter button is transparent to the best brightness, personally I do not care, but it would be best for you.

Mod supports three types of batteries which is perfect for me because I want to use battery mod 21700. Vaporesso pro armor is very comfortable, feels great in hand, one of the most comfortable mods out there, trust me it is very convenient to use and maintain. It is true that the model has a black screen, but I still love him because of the way he looks and all information on the screen, here we also have a lot of options and settings that personally also similar.

I think pro mod armor is very good and I r


You can buy it here: vaporesso vapes


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