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I’ve tried this before looking for about a month of regular use.

To get a bottle if you want to exchange or clean, he kept in safe mod and should be disposed nice and easy with the nail slot.

So for my research Squonk GDR, there is no chance to match the blue if initially Black thought it would be appropriate to encourage me to drop dead, just do not look good as the satin black side mod brushed black, almost bronze, so we went and found me Gunmetal Athens GDR – Bingo seemed perfect and one of the best days of my favorites this GDR.

What follows is one of the top loading systems is a major feature of “superstructure”, with the large capacity of the 10 ml bottle:

pretty tight cap filling open until spring pokes, then twist, there is a magnet in the base model is supposed to keep the filler cap as it fills up, it seems a bit pointless and wrong if I tried , magnets are not strong if it is a good chance the cap will fall, which in addition to re-load, I liked the charging port holes widely kidneys were pleased to welcome the bottle most advice includes a bottle of addition of the mixture, it is only when full Realize large capacity, the only complaint of 8 ml refills can not see the top so you have to look through the charging port.

Cape reassemble alignment plugs kidney, press down and all along the screw, the cable does not feel good, but could be a compression spring.

Ready to get code basium squonk mod insert turns the battery in automatic mode, but 5 clicks to activate or deactivate the speed of this amazing mod, starts quickly, get up and shoot, which is the fastest that came through without screen Bam vain ready to welcome the vaporizer.

Nikola Niagara – top side is much higher than Niagara extremely compact and easy to pocket, but only watt same long battery life, prefer the look of the tomb, but there is nothing more to fight against the superstructure.

Capo IJOY 216 – They are in a different league, I can not think of a single function hood are not better than the superstructure, the budget for the report tried to capo (which, to be fair mod is cheaper)

Spray Geek Gbox – the previous Capo, best Gbox high and low battery with a matte screen.

All my other squonkers is not necessary to compare the battery Topside just beat the dual mods owned battery even my dearest Falls is ignored.

nsert the battery is simply the polarity marked clearly, although the door is also a bottle of Vapeciga vv box mods was shared was not a problem because rarely have to remove the bottle, the battery cover is quite strange, is the moving and needs some persuasion to raise completely closed sheet was very safe so little chance of falling battery.

In this review I will cover:
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10 ratings
As part
First impression.
information and comments mod
Compared to Nikola falls Capo iJoy 216 and spray Geek gBox (all double battery)
pros and cons
Other links and specifications and bumf.
An online Comments
I have mixed feelings about this mod, but usually has a lot going for it and now my battery Go Squonk two models, I will not let strange color. Highly recommended!

Score = 8 out of 10

Read on if you want to know why …

Specifications Part Dovpo superior double
Battery Type – Double 18650
Made in China
Max Watts – 200W
Low Watt – 1W
MOD features – derivation, temperature control, variable Watts
Weight: 279g
Size: 9.3 cm (3.7 “)
Width: 4.2 cm (1.7 “)
Depth: 5.4 cm (2.1 “)
As part
With the contents of the box in the Defense Ministry, though rarely replacement section is a great professional spare bottles, “we will see later.

1 x Dovpo Topside Mod
1 x USB Charger
1 x Manual
2 x Squonk bottle (packaged separately)

First impression
It box the first impression I had was love “Marmite” or hatred of colors and finishes opened, I’m not a fan, I grew up after finding contrasts Matchy GDR there was enough weight mod before placing the battery and juice, but comfortable rare and good grip in hand, is a much higher quality than it looks and is very dense.

mod comments
So I went to pull the batteries and find a suitable RDA.


up system only easy filling.

10 ml vial high capacity.

While bright and large screen for elderly eyes.

solid battery cover with a clear battery polarity

Easy peasy menu, one of the best menus I’ve used.

long service life of the battery amazing.

Very fast and start following speed.

dovpo topside dual click in large window.

bottle additional 10 ml (important for the taste of exchange).

solid build quality.

intuitive ergonomic grip.

Good key position.

TC is the way the place and easy to customize.

Disadvantages (I nit have to collect here because no break, but here goes).


Weight and pocket size is not very friendly.

Squonk squeeze some delay.

a variety of colors and styles it difficult to Atty adaptation also reduces the appearance (especially silver).

Topfill saw was rough.

battery cover is a little checklist.

The rating of 8/10 – almost 9 if it had not been for the size and color!

Battery duration

This mod has a usable battery life is extraordinary, it went for a few days in my construction TC 0.5 ohms, one of the best I have to try to beat Capo 216 20700 IJOY and dovpo vape mod

So that’s it, you see the pros and cons there is little not to love this incredible mod Lost BF squnk me vaporizer Therion (if the battery) to this outbreak mod Squonk my favorite!


You can learn more about the dovpo vape superstructure doubles their website here –

Thank you to send this review Dovpo purpose

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