Voopoo Drag Mini Vinci TC Mod Drag Pnp Coils review

I received VOOPOO X217 TC Mod 217W sourcemore.com the purposes of this review.


Voopoo x217 color:


– P-aurora

– Pink

– Blue P-Prussian

– P-purple jade

– P-red




– Power range: 5W-217W

– Battery: 21700 * 2 (Compatible with battery 20700/18650)

– Output voltage: 0 V – 7.5 V

– Output current: 0A – 40A

– Resistance Mode Power range: 0.05 to 3.0, 0.05 and 1.5 TC fashion

– Temperature: 100-315 / 200-600

– Dimensions: 93 * 50.6 * 33mm


In the frame:


– x217 217W TC

– 18650 Battery Adapter x 2

– USB Cable

– User’s Guide

– GEN smart card

– Warranty card


Voopoo Drag 2 Mini is powered by two batteries and this work mod to 217W. Each time voopoo more mods also has a genetic chip that, in the opinion of my good chip. Mod Size: 93mm x 33mm x 50.6mm. I like the design of this model, I will change a bit, but basically this mod looks amazing in my opinion, very nice mod. On the side you can see carbon, behind the mod, you can see the beautiful resin panel, also on the back you can see engraved “Voopoo” on the shutter button, you can see the resin and down each less and less buttons, you can see the logo.


From the top you can see the connection of stainless steel screw on top of the MOD and this part was very good good son, I had no problems and we also have here a spring pin gold plated 510. the like top of the mod atomizer scrathed never in my mod could not see scratches on top. In this mod, you can use up to 33 mm diameter was amazing atomizers, it can be used essentially the atomizer here almost false.


Sub mod, you can see the battery cover and this section seems so far and I hope it remains good because it is a very important part of the mod, so I told her look good on the cover of the battery can see the vent hole and you can also see sculptures. When the battery door is open, I can see engraved on the orientation of the batteries inside. This mod works with two batteries 21700 20700 or two batteries and also if you do not have 21,700 or 20,700 18,650 batteires be used with an adapter that will receive the package. It is very good in my opinion because I want to use two batteries 21,700. When the Ministry of Defense is stirred with battery inside can hear the rattle of the battery will be a disadvantage for some people.


Before the mod, you can see the shutter button, the screen, the less buttons, USB port and quite large LED light.

fire button on this mod is great, I like resin on the shutter button, shutter button is also very clicky and it works great, no fire was completely lost, the button works great shot every time. More Button Work least as well without any problems.

USB port on this model can be used to update the software model also balanced so you can charge your batteries here if you have no external battery charger charging, but as usual I suggest you charge your batteries in an external charger.

In the picture you can see how to wear a visible light on the device. You can change the color of the light or if you do not like the light pipe can be disabled.

The Voopoo Vinci  Coils of this device is precious, the screen size is 1.7 inches and has a color screen. On the screen, you can see very clearly all the good information. On the screen you can see:



– Two battery indicator

– process

– (mode according which it is used) Watts / temperature

– Puffs

– Time puff

– coil resistance

– Volts / Watts (according to mode is used)


To activate the mod must click five times on the fire button to turn it off, you must do the same. You can also lock the device in order to do this, you keep the shutter button and a button, you must also do the same with open mod. When you lock your device can not be used.

Each time you click 3 times on the shutter button you can choose from:



– Standard Mode

– Tc Fashion

– The functions




When you are working in standard mode or TC mode and maintains more buttons and less get more options. If he keeps the plus and minus buttons below the “function”, see:


– Lock Menu

– select Clock

– Brightness

– Led select

– Fund selecting Screen

– Select the language

– Time to choose

– Set date

– screw system

– Exit




As you can see, on your device, you can do a lot of that will appeal to many people, you can adjust the screen brightness, mod has the time and date, you can set if dizziness to equal him and you can change the wallpaper of interest. Anyway, this mod has a lot of very nice selection.


A protection device:


– Protection of autoliquidación

– Short-circuit protection

– Protection of overtime

– Protection against overheating

– Output protection overcurrent

– Overload protection

– balanced load


How do these devices work and my thoughts:


As I said I really like the design of this model, maybe I want more resin in the mod, but basically it looks great in my opinion. Mod good shape, got up very nice in hand and this mod is very comfortable to use. At the beginning I did not like the position of the shutter button very fast but I got used and now I love Voopoo Drag 157W

. large fire button, which works very well and I think the resin in the fire button detail was good. The colors in the great modern look, so far no scrathes on mod, maybe a little at the bottom of the model, but almost nothing, a very good job with color here. In this mod, you can use up large atomizers 33 mm diameter. The battery cover looks good so far and I hope it will do the job in the future. We have here a bit stupid when you put the battery and rocked the mod, you can hear the noise. You can also charge the battery of a mod, but as I said I recommend that you can charge your batteries in an external charger.


big screen, much of the information we have on the screen and you can see all the information very clearly. I also like it here we have the color screen and I like the choice of this unit. I believe that I like that I can use here Batterries 21,700. large genetic chip, which works well and I have no problem.

So basically x217 well-built model and it works great with everything you have many options here, and if you like the design that can advise this Voopoo Pnp Coils







– Rattle battery





– comfortable to use

– Good quality

– Good Color

– You can use the battery 21700, 20700 or 18600

– Chip works well gene

– Color Display

– The times and dates

– You can change the wallpaper

– Both the shutter button and the plus and minus buttons

– can be used up to 33 mm diameter atomizers

– Battery load balanced

– Led screen

– You can change the display brightness



sourcemore thanks

You can get the device here: Voopoo X217


A review about VOOPOO

First on the carton packaging usuall come in a sturdy plastic case with Voopoo Drag Mini logo on top and covered with a removable foam padding useful if you want to use for other things. VOOPOO PnP-VM1 Replacement

The case is wrapped in a cardboard sleeve with a picture and the name of the kit in the front, while the back is a list of usuall content, color mod, initial security code, etc.

In this case, there is a mod, tank, two coils, user manual and USB cable.


The first thing I noticed when a mod of this case is taken is how light it is. (It has 140 grams Internet)

battery cover and securely closed hinged, with + – of the battery in the direction of the contact.

Skin? Wieght finish combined with a light make you feel comfortable in your hand. zinc alloy metal parts mod is matt black with smooth glossy black paint splatter effects that resemble droplets when light sockets, and so tried to clean. In the mod hidden side under a rubber stopper (to keep the pocket of fiber in your pocket and your mod) port is type C to update the firmware, although the manual says that you can use to charge with the USB cable included II always recommend charging the correct use of the external battery charger.

mod inner screen reminds me of a sports car, thought the boy racer with the brand name “ARGUS” the backbone.

When the first mod Engage in fashion and customize smart power as coil PNP Wich you use and maximum power watts limit recommended for the coil 3 click shot movement for the RBA in which you can adjust the power of full 160W, three click to a temperature control mode wich supports coils of nickel, titanium and stainless steel. fire fighting and locks + all buttons including a shutter button, and firefighting and – button will clear the table and panting. Press the three keys at the same time will show the ID chip and code level?


VOOPOO NAVI is in two parts. The top is made of PCTG is the same module that uses Drag s / x and compatible with the coils PNP Voopoo are available in different strengths. Rapid filling and easily by lifting the rubber stopper at the bottom of the car and fixed at the bottom with three strong magnets. The bottom is made of stainless steel 24 mm in diameter at the base and has two slots for controlling adjustably airflow knurling very adherent on the ring Airlow control and the spindle 510 so that can be used Drag in a container or mod s / X.

I used the 45W 0.2ohm coil provided with Airlow opened completely and get a good taste and clouds production. Knowing the coil subject PNP to encourage Salí and have some small advantage when used, after standing for about 12 hours ago more benefit if it was a day very hot (30 c) and I eLiquid as water because of the heat wich can be one advantage unlucky.



Argus GT Mod:

Dimensions: 132 mm x 51 mm x 26 mm (Mod only 86 mm x 51 mm x 26 mm)

Material: Leather + zinc alloy

Output Power: 5-160W

Output voltage: 6.4-8.4V

Resistance range: 0.1-3.0Ω

18650 requires double (not included)

VooPoo tank PnP:

E-liquid capacity of 4.5 ml (2 ml Version TPD)

Material: Stainless steel + PCTG

Resistance: 0.2 Ohm (PnP-VM5) 0.15 Ohm (PnP-VM6)



1 x VooPoo Argus GT Devices

1 x VooPoo PnP Tank – 4.5 ml (2 ml TPD Version)

1 x PnP-VM5 – 0.2 Ohm (40-60W)

1 x PnP-VM6 – 0.15 Ohm (60-80w)

Cable Type 1 x C

1 x carrying case

User Manual 1 x Warranty and


This is the first time I write a review seading and thank you gift for the celebration of the competition and send VOOPOO PnP 20 / 22.



Well, this is my last exam powerful and some animals VooPoo.

Thank you very much to the people of @VOOPOO to let me try a big team in recent years.

Here VOOPOO Drag 2 Platinum.

You get.

Whether it was in the case of the plastic under Mini it is a nice touch.

Within get your


Cell Double Argus (18650 are not included) mod 160W.

An obstacle x sheath.

An obstacle x 510 tank converter sheath.

A PNP PNP 0.15ohm 0.2ohm coil and a coil.

Cost USB Type C / firmware lead.

Information instruction manual winding, gene chip card and security.

First is compact enough for the double mod 18650. A lot of set is 26mms and 51 mm x 132 mm (including the sheath in the adapter). Very light too.


ending in the same vein as the recent very good tensile strength x, reminding me to accomplish things long lost the habit of having vape with a mixture of alloys, leather (ish) and carbon.

Not bad for all, and certainly a step in the right direction.


The front panel is arranged in a relatively simple manner. beautiful color big screen, a big fire button at the top with standards vibrate only and stocky and Lowing screen button.

USB installed and surprising side has the cover of a gum. Allows easy loading (if that is how they fill, Tut tut … .. Lol) overprotection and edified TBH I think we have a 2Amp load as all devices based on the chip recently genes.


160W output I love as it is realistic. They are not capable of writing pressure to 200W capacitor coupled to the side.The

Battery comfortably saved with the lock lever spring base.

The basic menu is very similar to a can x Argus. Watt is automatically limited to the maximum security for power walking coil which is a very good point and I’m glad to see this trend continue.


New gene chip TT has all these features (see the review take X for details), in addition to the full tc opportunity (only keeps plus and minus buttons to enter the TC menu). RBA RDTA sheath or coil will be perfect for the deposit tc action with a sheath or whatever.

This fact has a standard connector cover 510 is a masterstroke.


You can use the preferred or select tank adapter pod with slide 510 x sheath included.


sheath is 4.5mls is 2 ml plain English. PNP coil is always very good for the taste, but I’ve had this problem before with filtration of an insulator on the base. It has been significantly improved recently 0.15coil and some monkeys have told me things are improving in others. 510 adapter really helps here (again, he holds the pod through which a very strong magnet) because it does not allow entry of juice into the mod so easy.


Other winners Voopo. If you like the x drive (I did), you’ll love because it does the same for ever.