Comment on Uwell Caliburn KOKO nunchaku Crown Pod Caliburn Pods amulet Crown 4

Well I received a Caliburn KOKO the purposes of this review.


Well nunchaku is available in several colors:

– Green Metallic
– iridescent
– Purple
– Black and Gold
– The corrosion of iron
– Black Full
– Blue Sapphire

Description and features:

– Size: 27.4 mm x 94.5 mm
– Material: Stainless Steel
– Power range: 5-80W
– Resistance range: 0.1 ~ 3 ohms (VW), 0.1 ~ 1 ohm (TC), 0.1 ~ 0.5ohm (manual)
– Temperature range: 100 ~ 300 ° C / 200 ~ 600’F
– A new generation of e-cigarette tube panel and mod Boxmaking insurance
– Operating mode: the power mode, the mode TC (NI, SS), the bypass mode
– 18650
– Ergonomic design perfectly felt in hand
– Pocket size when traveling
– simple system interaction,
– Micro USB port for charging


In the frame:

Crown 4 uwell

– USB Cable

– Warning Card

– User’s Guide


Well Uwell Crown Pod, powered by a battery and 18650 can operate up to 80W. In the widest part of the diameter 27.4MM mod is the height of the model is 94.5mm, but on top of the diameter is 25 mm mod. Nunchaku is not a big tube mod mod in my opinion, it has the perfect dimensions and mod is very comfortable to wear, feels good in the hand because of the way. Nunchaku are made of stainless steel and feels very solid, the build quality is excellent and I can not complain about anything here. color quality so far looks good so I do not see scratches on the mod mod and I use that a lot. You can buy this model in several different colors, 7 colors, black. In the Caliburn Pods, you can see the details, from the top of the mod, you can see sculptures in the tube that you can see engraved “nunchaku Well”. At the top of the battery, you can see some details that help in removing the battery cover and at the bottom you can see engraved “Well Designed by”, “” and you can see the stars recorded. Personally, I think the beautiful mod, but this is very subjective.

The following are not. As mentioned above a diameter of 25 mm, you can use here sprayers anything up to 25 mm without being false.
Sub mod, you can see the battery cover and the battery cover also has a good yarn and can tighten or loosen the current mod. At the top of the battery, you can see the four vents. A left battery cover can be reduced pin and spring pin. Inside there are more mod pin and you can see very clearly marked in red, so you know how to put on your battery. No isolation mode, in which case the lines used batteries, but do not use the battery if you notice any scratches on the battery.
In the tube, you can see the shutter button, the plus and minus buttons USB port and you can see the screen.
Here hold the fire button and it’s not hard to find in a mod when vaporizer as the shutter button has a statue that can be felt under your fingers. shutter button works fine, I have no problem with the shutter button is very sensitive and dislocation. There is a little boots as well and I had no problems, but when the mod could stir here several key toy.
In the tube there is a USB port lets you charge your battery in the mod, but as usual, we recommend using an external charger to charge the battery.
Basically, there display is very bright and the screen, you can see everything on the screen is very clear.

To activate the mod must click five times on the shutter button, the same thing when you want to disable the mod. When the Department of Defense lights indicate “Well Hello” on screen and after that, if the power mode of the device used in the display, you’ll see:

– Power
– The battery indicator
– coil resistance
– Volt


When using a temperature control device mode, it appears on the screen:

– temperature
– The battery indicator
– coil resistance
– Power

To enter the menu you must click 3 times on the shutter button, the menu can be seen:


– Supply Mode
– Mode Temperature Ni
– Temperature Mode Ss
– Bypass Mode
– Return to factory settings
– Exit from the menu

uwell amulet of 5-80watts when the key roughly 0.5W watts is pressed up or down, and 80W power when the plus button and the return to 5W is pressed when the power is on and press the button 5W reduced, go to 80W.

You can lock mod really, all you have to do is press the shutter button and the minus button, you will not be able to use the mod at all until it is unlocked with a key and reduce heat. You can also block only plus and minus buttons, this will have to press the shutter button and buttons, so you can vape but you can not adjust the power to the device is opened.





the entire first mod is a very good shape and feels great in your hands and if you ask me it is very convenient to use, it’s hard not to find a shutter button, such as etching and, what is an additional advantage. I like the size of a mod, mod only 94.5mm high, which is a big plus for me, because in combination with most sprayers will be very pleasant due to the high that I can carry with me all the mod. Mod has a very interesting feature, I can lock the device, in fact, I like it because there is no possibility that can be activated in the pocket, it is not really a problem to switch off the device before putting it in his pocket, but it was very good we had the best choice.
The model is powered by 18650 battery and can not use other batteries here, you can not only use this mod 20,700 air batteries.
This device works great, the fries were good and I did’t have any problems, so far so good. I use the power of the lower house and high strength and can not complain, it works as it should. Atomizers in a diameter of 24 mm or 25 mm suit with both the Ministry of Defense, of course, you can also use a spray with beauty rings.
Build quality is very good as a good story told over and I will not be a problem when you want to put the battery in the mod. the shutter button and the plus and minus buttons to run smoothly.
Basically it is a model that is simple to use, you can choose from four modes, so there’s nothing complicated here and you can customize almost everything quickly.
I recommend this mod for those who want to use the tube mods, I think it is a very good mod and works as expected without any problems so far.



– Can not use the battery 20700



– The build quality is good
– Very comfortable to use
– Mod simple, use
– good appearance (subjective)
– Button Good
– The screen is bright
– Chip works well
– The colors look good

You can get it here: Uwell

Uwell amulet review

I received a talisman Nunchaku Uwell the purposes of this review.


Uwell Marsupod PCC specifications and features:


– Dimensions: 47.7 x 37.5 x 17.2mm

– Main ingredients: PCTG, polycarbonate, silicone

– E-juice Capacity: 2 ml

– Battery capacity Embed 370mAh

– Output: 10W Max

– Coil Resistance: 1.6ohm


pod system is the first style watch the world

– 370mAh rechargeable battery and a 2ml nacelle

– Compatible with nicotine e-liquid and salt

– charging down design

– extract the air mechanism is activated

– Support Micro-USB charging

– Only Pro-Focs taste testing technology

– Extend the life of the anti-dust system

– Some circuit protection features to provide stability, security and reliable performance



In the box:


Uwell Amulet Pod System Kit

– Micro USB cable

– User’s Guide

Uwell talisman is the first pod system you can bring your watch. When I received this device and once I tried it, I really liked the idea, so I can say that this is a device that is very interesting. Because of the design of this device you can carry this device always with you and you will always have your pod system under your watch, but also because the device is so small that you can not carry a pod without a system strap if you want. About the quality of construction, so far everything looks pretty much good, look good color quality also because after a few days of using these devices every day a new color look like a very good deal .

Since this system is a pod style of the watch, let me start with the bracelet, silicone bracelets and so far it looks good. You can pretty much easy to put in your hand and there is no chance that it could fall accidentally. Honestly, I really like the design, I like the way he looks at my hands, but this is very subjective.
On the bracelet you can see the slot for the pod system. In slots, you can see the part that contains the pod system in place and there is no chance that the pod system may fall, standing perfectly in place. Also in the slot where you can see the funnel entry and because they leave room for the funnel of dust can not go into a funnel which is really good. The external slot You can see the button and you will use the buttons to release the pod of the slot system. All you need to do is press the button and remove the device, these buttons also work very well and there is no possibility that you press the button accidentally.

In the pod system you can see some details on the back, you can see engraved “Uwell” and you can see the “Amulet”. From the top of the device you can see cartrdige. The cartridges are perfectly in place and remove the cartridge that you need to push a little and you can remove it, it is very simple to do. Funnel on the cartridge is very convenient to use, in my opinion, but still low and some may not like that.
This cartridge has a capacity of 2 ml, which is the ability of a very good, especially because the device is very small, I also want to say that this is a system pod smallest I’ve ever used.
cartrdige has 1.6ohm coil and really coil resistance. From the bottom of the cartridge, you can see the connection and you can see air holes. air flow hole is very small and I can say that the air is excellent for vaping mtl and as I said the increased air flow in the pod system, here the air flow is perfect, just like I like it. The flow of air device is very similar to Caliburn uwell, so if you like the flow of air Caliburn like it here too.
From the bottom of the cartridge, you can see the fill hole. In the fuel filler hole you can see that you can pretty much easy to remove. Fill the hole well and you can fill the cartridge easily and without problems.

From the top of the camera, you can see the slot of the cartridge and as I said the cartridge remains perfectly in place. From the bottom of the camera, you can see the USB port and you will use this USB port to charge the battery. This device has a built-in battery and the capacity of 370mAh battery perfect for this device because the device is very small, so I think the battery of this device is perfect.
On one side of the camera, you can see the button and on the front of the camera, you can see the screen.
I can say that many big screen for this unit and I really liked.
On the screen you can see:

– Coil Resistance
– The battery indicator
– Hour
– Date
– Today


On the screen, you can see the touch button on the left side you can see the buttons on the right side you can see the other. I would say that I really think this pod system has a battery indicator and it is the best battery indicator on the system case, because the display.
Using the buttons on the side, you can switch on and switch off, to turn on or off, you must press the button 5 times. When the camera is on and when you press the button three times, you can set the time and date using the touch keys on the screen. Also, if you click the button on the side of the screen will go, if you press the button twice Press the screen also takes place.
I think a perfect on this unit and the screen is very bright screen so you can see everything very nice.

A protective device:

– More indication vape
– Open circuit protection
– Short Circuit Protection
– Low power indication
– Protection against overheating

How these devices work and my thoughts:

As I said at the beginning, when I started using this product I really liked the idea of ​​watching vape. This is a very good idea to put the system pod to watch because that way you will always have your pod system on your wrist and you can use this pod system where you do not want to wear a larger device.

Personally, I really like how the device looks like my hand, it was good in my opinion.
Big screen and I really think we had a pod system with a screen. On the screen, you can always see the battery capacity and you can still see the date and time that was good enough for me.
It is very easy to fill the cartridge and the cartridge capacity is good, especially since this system is a very small pod, even if you use here nic e liquid salt would be a large capacity for you. Battery capacity is also very good for this device and in combination with the 1.6ohm coil works just great.
The air flow is very good here, what is real flow of air and the mtl pod system that I really because the airflow.
The taste with liquid salt nic e I use here is very good and strong throat hit, I e nic 35mg liquid salt. So I tried this product with an exceptional liquid and can say that the taste was surprisingly good.
The device has an automatic switch which means it will draw you, I can say that the automatic switch works well and so far, it works with every draw really well. In combination with an excellent flow of air and steam production 1.6ohm coil is very good and the hot steam.
I can advise this particular device if you want to have your electronic cigarette always with you in your hand as your watch. Given how these devices work, I recommend advanced users and also recommend it to beginners who like watches and people who have always wanted to have an electronic cigarette. I can say that this pod system in a pod system that is better out there for a very good air flow and because this device has a good taste with salt and nic e usual fluid.

The inconvenients:
– Only one cartridge in the pack
– Condensation between the cartridge and the device

– excellent design
– A very good idea in my opinion
– Good build quality
– Good Color
– Choice of colors
– Wristband looks good so far
– the slot on button works well
– There is no dirt on the funnel when the device is in the slot
– Big screen
– You can see all that is good in the screen
– The battery indicator
– Touch button
– 2ml Capacity
– The battery capacity for this beautiful device
– Easy to fill the cartridge
– funnel comfort
– excellent airflow
– automatic switch works well
– Feel good


You can buy it here: talisman Uwell