VOOPOO Mod Pod Kit Work Of Art

VOOPOO Mod Pod Kit is a work of art, art in a million colors, seven colors available for your choice: paint, dark blue, ink, red mesh, silk blue, purple and carbon fiber. NAVI VOOPOO Kit is powered by 1500mAh – built-in battery and a maximum output power can not be less than 40W.

True breath fixed air flow, regulated breathing and breath tire independent, it supports pneumatic and manual modes can be set:Voopoo Drag X Mod Kit  has three innovative air flow! Has a rechargeable handheld cover 3.8 ml –  a measure of capacity to the base of your vaping experience. In addition, the sheath NAVI kit package comes with Voopoo Drag Software and PnP – atomization 0.6ohm coil and all coil of smoke PnP MV4 series. Secondly, it will bring the best experience of the delicate flavor and thick clouds.


NAVI What’more Voopoo Drag Specs equip this sensitivity is unprecedented and the force of the blast, with independent innovation air ducts, air intake mode NAVI take enough air is more accurate and plentiful makeup subvert their knowledge. And perhaps chip in the electronic cigarette GENE.AI, baking coil function intelligent reading mode and other functions. For additional security, the protection of seven to accompany: protection, extra time short – circuit protection against overload, protecting the maximum power – protection against diacharge protection from surges and over – temperature protection. In short, fantastic and very good, you just be happy and enjoy vaping every day.

Voopoo Drag 2 Mini Kit With Integrated

Voopoo Drag 2 Mini Kit with integrated 1500mAh battery to support the automatic and manual modes to meet your different needs. It also comes with a practical capacity and juice 3.8 ml / 2 ml (HAP) in the mouth of fine droplets. Moreover, the adoption of innovation Voopoo Drag 2 Mini with three patented pneumatic air to breathe on his own. In addition to the functions that support all spiral coil platinum cloud Voopoo get a good taste and rich.

Voopoo Navi

Voopoo Vinci RBA is an ultra portable speaker system with the power of traditional mod box. Voopoo vape have connections and rugged design 1200mAh battery oil powder POD supports RPM and details families.Featuring north glass coil elegant, body color, internal capacity 1200mAh Voopoo Drag 157W and 5W 40W specifications. Voopoo data transfer specification for vaping and press the shutter button and two buttons feel very compact and ergonomic. Voopoo Drag 2 is available in two configurations and the magnetic characteristics of the connection.

Voopoo Vinci Mod Pod Starter Kit

The Voopoo Vinci Mod Pod Starter Kit is an ultra-portable devices innovative that take advantage of the nacelle and mod box and combine them into a single unit. Powered by a new gene chip has an integrated 1500mAh battery and supports manual and automatic modes vaping for your needs. In manual mode, you can adjust the output power of Voopoo Vape Kit only the up / down buttons. Innovative against puff can monitor and record their usual two weeks of vaping. TFT color display 0.96 inch Allows you to view all Vape statistics, such as batteries, blow and mode / watt, etc.

RPM40 Pod is an ultra-portable kit mod pod that combines the advantages of both devices and boxes pod mods. As a parallelepiped shape and is covered with a gloss finish and characteristics of the material. It is small, but comes with an integrated VOOPOO Drag X VW battery for longer vaping. With 1 – output range of 40 W, can be adjusted performance Voopoo Vinci X to match the style of their vaping.

VOOPOO Drag X VW Pod Mod Kit 80W

VOOPOO Drag X VW Pod Mod Kit 80W

The first thing to say is don’t worry if your vape tastes burnt. This happens to everyone and it is easy to fix. It tastes burnt because the wick inside your Voopoo Vape Kit has dried out and burned up when it was heated. The wick is the part of your vaporizer that soaks up the eliquid from the tank. The wick holds onto this eliquid before it is turned into vapor when the coil heats up. If the wick is not fully saturated with eliquid when you take a puff, this material can char and leave a foul taste in your mouth. Vapers call this a ‘dry hit.’

All coils fail eventually, but different vapers go through them at different speeds. Some heavy users may change their coil every week, while others might only need to swap coils once a month. It varies from device to device, but we expect most vaporizer coils to last for about two or three weeks. Once a coil has been burnt there isn’t much you can do to get rid of the taste, except change the coil. But there are some things that you can do to extend the lifespan of your coil. Everyone experiences burnt coils, but many new vapers will burn coils out quickly because they don’t know how to protect them. With this in mind, this troubleshooting guide is geared more towards newer vapers who use less advanced devices. But that doesn’t mean that experienced vapers won’t learn a thing or two as well. Read on to find out how to save money on coils and get the best flavor hit out of every vape.

Why does my vape taste burnt?

If you’ve just changed to a new coil and still getting a burnt taste it could be due to chain vaping, when you take puff after puff with barely any break in between. It is probably the most common cause of coil burning, especially for new vapers. Most vapers chain vape at some point. Even experienced vapers can be a bit too handy with the ignition button when they have a tasty Voopoo Drag 2 Mini in the tank. Chain vaping can damage your coil because it doesn’t give the wick enough time to soak up more eliquid between puffs. This causes the wick to dry out and burn.

Stopping burnout by chain vaping sounds easy. Just leave 15 or 20 seconds of breathing space in between hits. In practice though, it is often trickier than this. Most vapers, particularly new vapers, are ex-smokers and are in the habit of taking lots of short puffs like they would with a cigarette. Many vapers are also hooked on nicotine and chain vaping can help satisfy these cravings. If you are chain vaping to satisfy nicotine cravings, try switching to a VOOPOO Drag X VW Pod Mod Kit 80W with higher nicotine strength. You might also want to switch to an vape juice with a high PG content, as these liquids can provide a more satisfying throat hit, which many ex-smokers crave. You can also practice taking longer, slower hits and putting your vape right back in your pocket to prevent temptation.

If you like chain vaping and don’t want to stop then you might consider switching to a Voopoo Vinci X. These need re-dripping every few puffs, but you don’t have to wait very long for the juice to soak into your wick. These are an advanced product however and not recommended for a new user. Alternatively, you could buy two different devices and cycle between them.

How to Clean a Vape Tanks: The Newbie Guide

Your postman a new device evaporator today, and you just open the box. His eyes and excitement filled the entire body. Just look … it’s elegant, it’s brilliant, the most advanced on the market vape devices and has a new sense of unity. Two months later, his team is dirty and smudged, the yield is lower, and is now ready for a new one. You realize that you do not know how to clean the evaporator machine. If you have had more than one device, this scenario may sound very familiar. Voopoo X217 all have at some point!

How to Clean a Vape Tanks & Coils: The Newbie Maintenance Guide

For the long-term use and Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum, projection or vapebox performance, regular maintenance is key. Also keep components clean sprayer ensure that you get maximum flavor in every shot, and we were yummy in the race! To help keep as new as the day you bought it, have the device we created this section “How clean sprayer” guide for beginners.

Voopoo Voopoo Drag is similarly constructed, but they have a larger house and a higher capacity battery. Due to the strength of the increase, often it produces more vapor vapebox a better throat hit, and improve the taste of the juice evaporator.

Rinse and clean that Voopoo Drag X VW is something you every time you want to do the taste change, so new flavors that will not interfere with the ultimate meaning use. It is to give the best thing his weekly spray is used and your razor thoroughly cleaned at least every two weeks.

Of course, if the device is not the performance they offer, with maintenance treatments of the evaporator Tool Cleaning Spray want can be compatible, a first step to increase production on a large scale.

VooPoo 2 177W Starter Kit

VOOPOO Drag 2 177W Vape Starter Kit Uforce T2 Vape Tank

If you buy the drag VooPoo 2 177W Starter Kit, the spray tank impressive Q2 UFORCE mark will be. Together, this pairing is a formidable duo performance price offers, even the pickiest Vaper. Enjoy 177 Watt Smart Power, TC capable, provided efficiently by a configuration with 18,650 dual battery emits large tasty clouds, on a regular throughout the evaporator session without decrease in quality of detectable vapor base – a problem that affects the many other mods. Voopoo Vinci X Manual is very versatile to a door to a variety of options glass tube, so that your favorite juice evaporator can change capacity. Put coils UFORCE of your choice and a calibrated manner, the person experiencing the ultimate evaporator.


Optional evaporator mod advanced high performance, Voopoo Drag 2 drawing is a need for vapers who want more from their evaporator sessions. The starter kit has everything you need to enjoy to the maximum, including tanks UFORCE terrific. This tank Deluxe is the ultimate in versatility, just for being you choose it your favorites from a variety of variations of glass elements and coils UFORCE. One of the outstanding features of this device is the evaporator FIT GEN chip with an intelligent system that can hold its own with the most advanced vapers their own. Instead of playing with the settings the perfect standard to find, you can work FIT FIT GENE magical way left to recognize compatible coils and determine the configuration through a process of intelligent analysis – Greets such atomizer life benefits such as optimized and a new performance standard. (Both inside and outside of the device) contribute to the choice of intelligent design to this starter kit evaporator evaporator which survived the incredible potential in her gorgeous look with an Read More.

Vape VooPoo Tek Finally Debuted

Best brand performance Vape VooPoo Tek finally debuted its highly anticipated update of the popular and familiar drag slip 2 life to all the hype and more. Although a relatively new arrival on the scene vaping, Drag 2 has earned a good reputation and a fan base. With a distinctive design and an impressive array of features, deserves VooPoo innovation all the attention of the industry and much more.

Voopoo Drag 2 Mini Kit team pride a number of vapers enthusiasts the vape are ready new products to try to give our customers an insider perspective on the pros and cons. Here is our take on the new starter drag VooPoo 2 kit, which, above all else by the design performance information on the area.

There is no doubt that one of the first things you’ll notice about Voopoo Vinci X Manual its striking design, infused with a generous dose of art is that it is different from many other mods. It is very elegant and modern, but after remains a unique talent that everything is as different from minimalist thing. Corners and form a rounded standard box offer for a variety of beautiful design rich marble combinations that bright colors like turquoise, purple, dark red, orange and life is an ideal canvas. If you lean toward the understated style, consider a combination of gray and black for neutral effect anything but high.

On the opposite side of the marbling designs is a rich matt black cover with the word “drag” set up so it will never be a doubt as to where his loyalties are vape. It’s a nice touch that compensates for the dynamic design and the color of the marble is to create the overall impression very pleasing to Read More.

Vape Education & Safety

I recently saw this posted on an area FB vape group and thought it’s going to be helpful to some new vapers. i do know much of this might be found on this forum, but maybe this format could even be helpful to some. i do know this is often often often often able to are useful to me as a replacement vaper having all the data in one place.
Please correct as required .

Mods please be happy to urge obviate if you’re feeling it’s redundant.

Vape Education & Safety

Battery Saftey:

– Never use damaged batteries
– Keep wraps intact
– Use the proper batteries
– Use married batteries
– Use battery cases
– Don’t leave your batteries charging unattended
– Use a fanatical charger
– don’t use your smart phone or tablet charger cable, use the charging cable your charger came with
– don’t charge your batteries from your device unless it’s an emergency! Charge your batteries with A battery charger
– Don’t exceed the amps of your battery
– Charge your batteries on a clean, flat surface
– Don’t over-drain your batteries
– Avoid extreme temperatures, remember of the weather

Vaping Glossary

All-Day Vape

An All-Day Vape refers to a flavor that somebody would vape for a extended period of a brief time . Many vapers wish to switch the flavour of e-liquid throughout the day. However, some vapers may only like these kinds of flavors for a couple of of of vaping sessions and have others that they enjoy vaping for extended , and thus the latter of those is what’s called an All-Day Vape.


An analog refers to a typical tobacco-based cigarette and is employed within the vaping community to make a distinction between cigarettes and e-cigarettes which are more technologically advanced.


Also called a chargeable device, all e-cigarettes are powered using batteries, most of which are rechargeable. the dimensions of the battery will affect how long the e-cigarette are often used that leads some vapers to choose larger batteries.


Cartomizers are essentially an equivalent as clearomizers, but slightly older. they typically don’t feature any clear plastic pane, so you can’t monitor your e-liquid level. They also use a rather different mechanism to send the e-liquid to the coil. instead of a silica wick, cartomizers use a polyfill substance surrounding the coil to wish within the liquid and send it to the coil to be heated and vaporized.


The device wont to recharge e-cigarette batteries once they need run out. Chargers often are available the shape of USB adapters but also are available with adaptors for mains sockets and cars.


The clearomizer is that the an area of the e-cigarette that holds e-liquid. It are often unscrewed from the battery and refilled with e-liquid when needed. Clearomizers have a transparent plastic pane (hence their name), allowing you to work out the number of e-liquid you’ve got left. blu’s clearomizers use silica wicks to maneuver the e-liquid to the coil for it to be heated and vaporized.

Closed System E-Cigarette

Sometimes mentioned as cig-a-likes, Closed System e-cigarettes use tanks which come ready-filled with e-liquid and screw directly onto the e-cig battery. Unlike with Open System e-cigarettes, there’s no got to manually refill the e-liquid.

Cloud Chasing

As vaping has grown, so too has Vaping culture. This has given rise to activities like Cloud Chasing. Cloud Chasing is that the act of exhaling as big and voluminous clouds of vape as possible, often done as an area of a contest at vaping events and shops.


Also mentioned because the atomizer, the component of the e-cigarette that turns the e-liquid into vapor by heating it. The coil is found within the centre of the clearomizer or tank.


A type of e-cigarette which comes pre-charged with its own measure of e-liquid sealed inside. Disposables are often used instantly and simply thrown away once the battery or e-liquid has run out.


A draw could even be a term wont to ask the inhalation of vapor. counting on personal preferences, different vapers will take longer or shorter draws, and there also are two different methods of inhaling: mouth hits and lung hits. With mouth hits the vapor is inhaled and held within the mouth and with ling hits the vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs.


Also mentioned as electronic cigarettes, e-cigs, vaporizers or cig-a-likes, a tool wont to inhale flavored vapor which may sometimes contain nicotine. E-cigarettes are available many various forms and also are available with different flavors.


Sometimes called e-juice or just liquid, this is often often often often often the liquid which is converted into vapor before it’s inhaled. E-liquid comes during a huge quite flavors and nicotine strengths. There also are differing types of e-liquid: PG and VG.


E-liquid comes during a sort of varied flavors, from more traditional tastes like Tobacco and Menthol to inventive new flavors like Peach Schnapps and Vanilla. the selection available to vapers enables everyone to hunt out an e-liquid that suits them.

Flavor Ghosting

When a vaper switches e-liquids, the flavour from the previous e-liquid can sometimes still be tasted with the newer flavor, and this is often often often often often called Flavor Ghosting. To avoid this mixing of flavors, it’s recommended that vapers either have separate clearomizers for various e-liquid flavors or thoroughly clean the clearomizer before making the switch.


When refilling the clearomizer, e-liquid can sometimes find its way into the middle tubing, which successively can mean it gets into the mouthpiece. this is often often often often often called flooding, and thus the only because of avoid it’s by taking care to not get any e-liquid within the center tubing and ensuring the clearomizer isn’t overfilled.


An amp-hour refers to the the number of charge transferred with a light-weight current of 1 amp for an hour. mAh, which stands for milliamp-hour and is more commonly referenced in reference to e-cigarettes, is one-thousandth of an amp-hour. mAh is employed to provide e-cigarette users a thought of how powerful A battery but, despite the common misconception, mAh doesn’t denote the capacity of A battery .


Also called Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs), these e-cigarettes are employed by more advanced vapers and may be personalized in terms of their appearance and power settings.


Sometimes mentioned because the driptip, the vapor is inhaled through the mouthpiece. On Open System e-cigs slightly a bit like the blu PROTM, the mouthpiece is removed before refilling the clearomizer. another e-cigs have the mouthpiece directly built into the tank.

Nicotine Strength

The amount of nicotine in e-liquid is given as a percentage, milliliters or milligrams. When the nicotine amount in an e-liquid is expressed in either milliliters or milligrams, it’s usually implied that this is often often often often often during a 100ml/mg measure of e-liquid. Therefore an e-liquid said to be 1.6mg in nicotine strength would contain 1.6% nicotine with the remaining 98.4% being made up from the opposite ingredients.


Ohms measure resistance, and thus the lower the resistance the more electricity will flow through the device. The ohm level are often adjusted on some mods to affect the way the device works.

Open System E-Cigarette

Sometimes called vape pens, Open System e-cigarettes have a clearomizer which is full of e-liquid manually. The e-cigarette are often disassembled to refill the e-liquid whenever it runs out.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol (PG) is additionally utilized within the assembly of food and plastics, amongst others, and is more commonly used than Vegetable Glycerin within the assembly of e-liquid. PG is usually thought to supply vapers with how better throat hit, offers a greater flavor intensity, and should clog e-cigarettes but Vegetable Glycerin.


A tank could even be a pre-filled container of e-liquid which may be attached to a Closed System e-cigarette and vaped instantly. Tanks can’t be refilled themselves but are easier to maneuver than e-liquid bottles as there’s less chance of spilling. Tanks are available during a sort of flavors and strengths, and since the mouthpiece is contained within the tank itself, switching flavors with tank won’t cause flavor ghosting as is that the case with Open System e-cigs.


The act of inhaling and exhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette. Vaping also can ask the overall practice of using e-cigarettes also because the precise act of inhaling and exhaling vapor.


The name given to e-cigarette users. The term can ask someone who considers themselves to be a long-time user or also can ask a private within the act of vaping.


The exhalation that comes from drawing on an e-cigarette, vapor is actually made from small water droplets that evaporate shortly after being exhaled. Vapor can either be inhaled into the mouth and absorbed through the cheeks or directly inhaled into the lungs.

Vaper’s Tongue

As the act of vaping draws moisture from the mouth, vapers can often be left with a dry sensation on the tongue after vaping for a period of a brief time . this is often often often often often called Vaper’s Tongue and may be alleviated by drinking a chilly glass of water or fruit juice .

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is sweeter than propanediol , leading to the flavour of e-liquids that use it as a base to be slightly affected. It’s thicker than propanediol , which can mean it can clog the within machinery of your e-cigarette, if the device isn’t properly maintained. However, it’s judged to supply thicker plumes of vape than propanediol .


The wick absorb then holds the e-liquid from the clearomizer. they’re often made up of either fabric or cotton, and blu’s wicks are partially made up of silica.

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