AEGIS Boost Pod Mod – An Overview

The Vandy Vaping Genie App is the newest in a line of great electronic vaporizers. The company has been around since 1998 making some of the best digital vaporizers available. Their latest model, the Genie App, is sure to please even the most discriminating of age smokers. It’s a hand held electronic vaporizer that really blows the doors off of the competition. Here are some of the highlights from the product’s launch review.

aegis boost pod mod

A New Era in Vaporizers A new era has arrived in vaporizers. They no longer rely on a power source to run but now rely on a rechargeable power source. The new age of aegis boost means you will never be stranded on a camping trip with a dead battery and a dead or juice. With a built in recharge system, you can simply pop in your power adaptor, charge your aegis boost pod mod and get ready to go. No more winding the cord on and unplugging it to change batteries. Now with a built in recharge system, you can go anywhere and have vaporized e juice whenever you want.

The wobbly leg accessory looks a bit cute, but the AEGis Boost Pod Mod really packs a punch. The built in wattage meter makes it easy to see at a glance how much wattage you have left, while the easy to remove airflow control lets you customize your vapor experience to your exact preferences. The built in temperature gauge is a great addition to the smart features, this mod has to offer. While it’s not a necessity, a temperature gauge is nice to have for those quick temperature changes when a campfire is burning hot or cold outside.

The vapor control is a very clever touch that I really like. The aegis vapor control allows you to set the level of resistance for your personal vapor clouds. I find that with a vapor cloud offering such a diverse experience, I prefer a lower level resistance for a smoother experience. This means that a higher resistance level means a much smaller cloud, and a smaller cloud means a shorter experience.

One of the things I really like about the aegis boost pod mod is the durability of the silicon material used. Silicon is a very strong material that can handle a lot of abuse. This is especially true for a product as small and compact as a pod. With a plastic housing and a soft silicone skin, there is no way to feel any sort of abuse on the new unit. This makes it a much more pleasant experience to use than the cheap plastic hand cranked mods that I used to use.

One thing I didn’t expect with the aegis boost pod mod was the price. This little vaporizer costs under a hundred dollars, which is a great deal considering the fact that it offers so many great features. If you’re looking for a simple and easy to use vaporizer, this might be a great choice for you to consider. The price also makes it accessible to a lot of people because the savings will allow you to buy several units. If you get a chance to try one out, you’ll quickly see how practical it is to use the AEGIS vaporizer jackaroo.

Like I mentioned earlier, the aegis vaporizer jackaroo also works with the new “Geek Kit” by AEG. I am a big fan of the aegis products and the aegis boost pod mod kit is no different. It’s a great idea because not only does it offer a lot of features, it also helps you save a ton of money. Not only that, but it works great. The vaporizer is a small but powerful device and even comes with a remote. You can also use it to control the temperature in the room you’re in and even make your own custom water mixes if you want.

For the price, I really couldn’t expect much from this little vaporizer. I got a decent sized box with all the parts and a remote control to boot. From what I have personally experienced, I really enjoyed every feature of the aegis boost. While this may seem a little on the pricey side, it’s worth having if you plan on using it and enjoying it.

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